Powers of Attorney

When people receive the difficult news of a diagnosis of a life changing illness, many worry about who will be able to manage their affairs both personal and financial in the future. 

Others recognise that for no other reason but old age, a time may come in the future when they will no longer be able to make their own decisions. 

For all concerned, the appointment of a Power of Attorney can give certainty and peace of mind to all as to their intentions. Equally important, it can avoid conflicts and misunderstandings  arising in the future.

Helen Green can advise and support throughout the process to help give effect to the important decisions to be taken.

Deputyship Applications

What if someone close to you suffers a life changing injury and loses their mental capacity to make decisions either personal or financial? In those circumstances the person concerned will not have the necessary legal capacity to appoint a Power of Attorney to support them.

Instead, an application will need to be made to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship to be appointed to make both financial and personal decisions on behalf of the person concerned. At what may be a very distressing time for all, the sensitive and empathetic approach of Faye Scotter can help guide you through the necessary procedure and reduce any further stress and anxiety caused.

For further information please contact Helen Green