Family & Collaborative Law

When relationships breakdown, Accreditation_Family_Mediation_colour_gifcommunication can become difficult. Mediation can give you a helping hand to talk and focus on what is important to you and your family.

Here at EDS Mediation we are able to deal with all your Mediation needs to include MIAMS assessments and direct consultation with children where appropriate.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process to help people who have decided to, or have separated to address and talk through all issues facing them. On the whole, save for limited exceptions it is confidential. It enables people to reach best informed solutions and can be especially helpful where people disagree on future arrangements for their children.

Where successful Mediation can:

  • Minimise distress to participants and their children;
  • Improve the relationship between the participants;
  • Avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Enable the views of children to be communicated where appropriate

Mediation is now at the forefront of Government thinking as to the best way to resolve family disputes and is usually now required before an application can be made to the court for either financial matters or arrangements for children.

Not all cases will be suitable for mediation and carful screening will take place to ensure suitability.

Our Service at EDS Mediation

Our accredited Mediator Karen Beevers has worked exclusively in family law for over 15 years with a sound understanding of family law. Karen has extensive experience of helping families resolve family disputes and is qualified to consult directly with children where appropriate in Mediation.

How Much will it Cost?

There are no hidden costs in respect of Mediation with sessions charged on a session by session basis at an hourly rate of £100 (+vat) per person per hour. Sessions usually last in the region of an hour and a half. How many sessions are required will depend on individual circumstances, although as a rough guide 3 – 4 sessions may be required.

You may be eligible for Legal Aid, depending on your financial circumstances. This will be discussed with you at your first session.

If Mediation is successful it is significantly cheaper than court proceedings

How Long will it Take?

The beauty of Mediation is it’s flexibility; the pace of the process can be as quick or slow as is required and suitable. On average, the process takes a few months.

If Mediation is successful it is significantly quicker than court proceedings

MIAMs Assessments

Before anyone can make an application to the court for the majority of orders relating to children or financial matters, save in limited exceptions, they will be required to meet with a Mediator to consider whether their case would be suitable for Mediation. This is called a MIAMs assessment. The MIAMs assessment costs £100 (+vat).

You will also be advised as to whether you are eligible for Legal Aid funding during the MIAMs assessment.

Karen is qualified to undertake MIAMS meetings. All referrals are welcome from people directly or from 3rd parties.

If you think Mediation maybe the right step for you, please contact Karen Beevers