Criminal Law

Being on the wrong side of the law can be a worrying and frightening time for all involved. If a family member or friend is facing criminal proceedings you want to ensure that their rights are safeguarded and representation thorough.

John Derry has been protecting people’s rights and providing rigorous defences to criminal proceedings for over 30 years.

His down to earth approach and deep rooted sense of justice makes him a very popular choice in this field. With experience in all criminal problems ranging from minor road traffic matters through to the most serious of allegations John has extensive experience representing people in police stations, magistrates courts, crown courts and where appropriate, The Court of Appeal.

Having retired in April 2019, John is now a Consultant for the firm and takes on limited work on a case by case basis.

Motoring offences – local court attendance fees (including all preparation work)

Type of plea Fee (+VAT)
Straight forward Guilty plea £350
Complex guilty plea involving calling evidence £450 – £650
Trials £750 – £1500

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